Fall Tones - Polymer Clay Color Recipes

I am learning to LOVE color mixing! I'll admit - it was part of the polymer clay process that just felt a little intimidating for me at first. I've been challenging myself to try to write color recipes lately and I'm think I'm finally getting the hang of it!

All of these free polymer clay recipes use Sculpey Soufflé. All of my recipes include parts (you can use any measuring method - I roll my clay out into slabs and cut parts using large cutters)

color 1    2 igloo + 1 latte
color 2    1 igloo + 1 latte
color 3    3 canary + 1 cowboy
color 4    1 canary + 1 cowboy
color 5    1 canary + 3 cowboy

You can download the fall tones recipe HERE.

Squiggle Cutters Polymer Clay Cutter Recipes for Sculpey Souffle

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