Peach Beach Polymer Clay Color Recipes by Squiggle Cutters

I swear, you all came up with the best names for this color palette - meet the PEACH BEACH / OCEAN BREEZE / COASTAL GRANDMOTHER color palette. These peach, orange and blue tones have a beach vibe! 🐚

All of these colors are mixed up using Sculpey soufflé polymer clay. I mix my recipes using the parts method!

How to mix polymer clay colors using the parts method

1. Pick any unit - it can be weight, cutter shape, a section of clay block, etc.

2. Follow the recipe and include parts according to the recipe. 


Blue, Teal and Orange Color Palette with Recipes for Mixing in polymer clay by Squiggle Cutters


 color 1 🐚 2 cornflower + 1 igloo

color 2 🐚 2 igloo + 1 cornflower

color 3 🐚 2 seaglass + 1 igloo

color 4 🐚 1 igloo + 2 seaglass

color 5 🐚 2 pumpkin + 1 igloo

color 6 🐚 2 igloo + 1 pumpkin

Blue, Teal and Orange Little Shells or Wavy Flower Polymer Clay Shapes Placed on ceramic Tile Beach Spring 2023 Color Palette


The cutter pictured above is from our Vase 1 Cutter Set 

Find other free polymer clay color mixing recipes here! 


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