PREVIEW: 3/12 Preorder + mystery tins!

Here's a little preview of everything that will be included in our preorder on March 12th! The preorder will be open on March 12th from 9a CT to 9p CT!

A few things to note:

〰️This is a preorder, so items won't ship with our normal processing times - we'll be making all pieces after the preorder ends! They will ship on April 5th!

〰️Our preorder is just focused on our new cutter sets + ALL texture plates. We'll be restocking many previous designs in our next restock! :) 



〰️ Daisy Arch Set 〰️ Abstract Flower Set 〰️ Stepped Arch 〰️ Dreamy Arch 〰️ Wobbly Chain



〰️ The Big Hexagon 〰️ The Big Oval 〰️ The Big Ellipse 〰️ The Big Organic Ovals 〰️ The Big Wide Arch 〰️ The Big Narrow Arch 〰️



〰️ Birds of Paradise 〰️ Daisy 〰️ Lavender 〰️ Eucalyptus 〰️ Palm 〰️ Leafy Plant 〰️ Twigs〰️ Wildflowers 〰️ Hearts 〰️ Double Arch 〰️ Rose 〰️ Peonies 〰️ Fiddle Leaf 〰️ Monstera 〰️ Forget Me Nots 〰️ Radiating Daisy 〰️ Prism Heart 〰️



〰️ 3mm Clear: Small, Medium and Large 〰️ 1.5mm, 3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm Variety Pack 〰️



〰️ Clear, Frosted, Glass Green 〰️



STUD: contains 5 mystery cutters between .5" - 1"

DAINTY: contains 5 mystery cutters between 1" - 1.75" 

STATEMENT: contains 5 mystery cutters between 1.75" - 2.25"

SQUIGGLE CREW: contains 5 stud size mystery cutters, 5 dainty size mystery cutters, 5 statement size mystery cutters  + 1 floral texture plate + a couple surprises :)



Will each mystery tin be the same?

No, they won't all be the same. I've designed a variety of cutters just for our mystery tins! This means that you can purchase more than one of the same size and I'll do my best to ensure you don't have any repeats that are the same size :)

Will I get cutters that I've already purchased from Squiggle Cutters?

No, you won't! We won't be including any shapes that are exactly like any cutters we've released.

Will cutters included in the mystery tin be available outside of the tins?

Some of our mystery tin designs might be available in future restocks, but this wouldn't be for a month or two!

Can I specify what type of cutters I'd like?

Nope - it's a mystery :)



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