Silkscreen Printing Guide - Step by Step with Photos


I love working with silkscreens on polymer clay. It's a fun surface technique that allows for contrasting colors, unlike other surface or texture tools. Here's a short guide to walk you through printing on polymer clay slabs!



  • Silkscreen
  • Paint - I find thicker paint a bit easier to use!
  • Squeegee or old plastic card
  • Bowl of cold water
Two hands peeling off backing sheet to polymer clay silkscreen with polymer making tools on table in background

STEP ONE: Roll out a clay slab slightly larger than your silkscreen and place it on top of your work surface.

STEP TWO: Peel your silkscreen off the transparent backer sheet and place it on top of your clay slab. The slightly sticky side sticks against the clay surface (the squiggle cutters text should be legible). Gently press down to ensure the screen lays flat against the clay.

STEP THREE: Lightly roll your silkscreen on your clay surface to ensure everything is touching.

STEP FOUR: Place a small line of acrylic paint on the top of your screen on the border.

STEP FIVE: Using a plastic card or squeegee, gently pull the paint down into the screen at a 45-degree angle - you can repeat this a couple of times to get even coverage. This part might take some practice/testing - especially with different paint brands.

STEP SIX: Peel your silkscreen off and clean immediately in cool water. Do not let the paint sit on the screen, as this will clog/damage your screen. Do not rinse in warm or hot water, which will damage your screen.

STEP SEVEN: Use your hands to clean away any paint from the screen. Place your screen back on the clear backer sheet to dry. Make sure the screen is placed on a flat surface.

STEP EIGHT: Cut your clay slab once the paint is dry ~30 minutes!

Let your silkscreen dry completely before you use it again! You can use it back to back on multiple clay slabs if you have them prepped (you need to work quickly so the paint doesn't dry on the screen).

Our silkscreens will be available again in our next preorder on February 18th! :)

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