Sweet Purples Polymer Clay Color Recipes

Spring 2023 Sweet Purples Color Palette

Color 3 is my new favorite color and is really easy to mix up!

I mixed up this soft purple color palette for spring 2023 polymer clay makers.

color palette featuring 5 circles with purple tones and a soft beige brown color made by squiggle cutters

How to mix your polymer clay using the parts method

My recipes are made using parts! You can use a cutter to cut out slabs for each color. for example, to make color 1, you would cut 3x 1” circles of igloo and combine with 1x 1” circle of concrete.

If you have any other questions about mixing parts, feel free to dm or email me! ➰

Polymer clay flowers in purple tones on white ceramic clay tile with squiggle cutter depth guides on cork table background squiggle cutters

color 1 ▪️2 igloo + 1 latte + 1/4 turnip

color 2 ▪️ 2 igloo + 1 cowboy + 1/2 turnip

color 3 ▪️ 1 turnip + 1 cowboy

color 4 ▪️3 latte + 1/4 turnip

color 5 ▪️ 2 igloo + 1 cowboy

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